So maybe I shouldn’t be calling it first impressions, since I have spent a good few hours on the game now. But at the same time this is me, so I am not very far along.

Spoiler Alert

As a long time fan of the resident evil  series I was thrilled to receive the new addition, I had heard that it was scary and gruesome but with playing other resident evil games how bad can it be? I was wrong.

In areas you have cleared, the “dad” is constantly looking for you, as you try to move around him. I hate being chased so this is terrifying to me and it occurs throughout the game (so far). This game is also incredibly gruesome, the graphics giving it that extra bit of gory detail. I will admit it was oddly satisfying the amount of detail that  went into a certain boss fight in the dissection room, horrifying yes but also great (I both love and hate gore)

This game heavily focuses on puzzles which I love as it adds to the suspense and horror rather than just running around shooting everything that moves.

I would recommend this to any re  fan or horror fan, but be warned of the gore and intensity of hiding.