I haven’t seen chaos;head nor have I played the games so this is purely what I know based off of the few episodes that have aired so far. If your in the same position as me id recommend watching episode 0 as it gives a summary of chaos;head.

Spoiler Alert

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The Story so far: Chaos;child follows a high school newspaper club as they investigate a series of strange murders that all seem to link to previous cases from a few years before. Strange sumo stickers are appearing at the sites of the murders some suggesting copycat behaviour, others seem genuine. They have now discovered another possible link between the victims, and that is their psychic abilities- although this currently is a theory.

My Thoughts: Chaos;Child has a very dark story which is welcome among the “lighter” anime I am watching this season. The story line is strong so far and I can honestly say that I have very little clue as to what is going on. It isn’t predictable as so many anime are, which is an added bonus to this mystery series. I try to stay away from Harems, because the majority seem to way over sexualise the characters which is something that has always annoyed me. But Chaos;Child has strong female characters and does not focus on any “romance” with the main protagonist (so far).