I went to see Moana recently and I have to say , If you haven’t seen this movie yet you should consider it because it was truely a masterpiece.

I decided to write a sort of review for this movie, I have so many thoughts about this film I need to write them down somewhere and maybe some of you found the same things really good.

Firstly this is disney so of course there is music. The music in Moana is so incredibly well written and performed, co written by hamilton’s  lin manuel miranda it was bound to be good and it did not disappoint. Moana’s song how far I’ll go appears multiple times in the film each time fitting in perfectly with the animation and just indescribably good! I also found Dwain Johnson performing Maui’s song your welcome to be amazing and unexpected , I did not realise he could sing as well as he does , I mean I know it’s all edited but it doesn’t sound artificial and I’ve seen videos of him performing the song so he can legitimately sing which is so cool ! The song itself was also surprising as there was a kind of rap involved which has never really been seen before in a Disney movie. The last song I’m going to mention is the “bad guy song” shiny, the animation effects in this song were on point and the lyrics make it very creepy.

The animation in Moana is incredible! You can tell just by looking at moanas hair and the way it moves , it’s truly beautiful 

Moana is set in the Polynesian islands and I am so happy to see that there is no white washing in this movie and even most of the voice actors were of Polynesian descent. 

Moana is portrays as a strong and capable young woman who is in line to be the next chief . It’s so nice to see that she’s just like a normal person , in fact she even has a muscular build which completely makes sense in the environment she is living in. Disney has took a massive step in the right direction in my opinion . Moana didn’t need a hero , she was the hero ! Yes she had to get Maui , but he was a coward ! She was brave and pushed on no matter what happened. There was also no love interest for Moana, so many times Disney pushes unnecessary relationships and love interests in their movies! I really hope Disney continues to progress like this.