Its the start of the new year, lets hope its better than the last. I have exams very soon so I won’t be able to look at some of these things until a bit later… BUT nevertheless here is whats coming up in the month of January that I am very excited about.

 3DS Pokemon Bank Opening- The Pokemon bank is opening for sun and moon as well as for red/yellow/blue which is now available on 3DS. I am looking forward to this because I have just recently got back into Pokemon and I would like to try and make a living pokedex. I’m not sure when this update is actually happening but I do know that its this month so keep a look out for it 🙂

Anime Blue Exorcist (Jan 7)- I am so happy that there is finally going to be a second season of Blue Exorcist! I have read the manga and there is nothing left to say other than this is going to be amazing

Anime Interviews with Monster Girls (Jan 8)- This anime looks really fun, I have not seen a comedy in a while and the concept of these “demi” girls is really interesting.

PS4 Resident Evil 7 (Jan 24)- This will be the first RE instalment (out of 11) to be in first person, I enjoyed RE in 3rd person so I am sceptical but also excited about the increased immersion this will most likely create. Set 4 years after the events of resident evil 6 this story follows a civilian Ethan which differs from the usual “combat ready” protagonists we are used to in previous games.  It has been said not to expect to much combat as this game focuses more on puzzles like some of the older games in the franchise.

I am very excited about this game. Resident evil  6 is my favourite video game so I look forward to another game especially one that is bringing new (or old) things to the table.

PS4 Digimon World: Next Order (Jan 27)– I have only just begun to play digimon and I must say that I love it! I have been playing digimon story cyber sleuth and I know the mechanics are much different and I find it cool that you raise the same 2 digimon so I am looking forward to this games release

PS4 Tales of Berseria (Jan 27)– This is the 16th entrance in the “Tale of” series. Focusing on the story of the main protagonist Velvet alongside her other playable friends. I haven’t played any of the other tales of games but ill be sure to do that if I enjoy this game (which i think i will)