Congrats! And thanks for nominating me


Please let me express my gratitude to these lovely bloggers…

  1. Animetai – I’m not sure your blog was made for the sake of an English class assignment only. I like how you use images to make reader feel the same emotions like those characters feel. I don’t why I can’t explain how great your blog is.
  2. @avathenerd (her blog is Reads,Rhythms and Ruminations) – If you are Otaku+Bookworm like me and her, how can you miss this blog?
  3. Mel in Anime Land – This blog would install F1 engine. There’re various posts you might be full found there.
  4. Moderately Klassy – Thanks for your anime challenges, Gankutsuou anime has beautiful artwork. This anime reminds me Sayanara Zetsubou Sensei since it often showed unique artwork.
  5. Risembool Ranger Anime Reviews – Tons of anime reviews for you. I started to be interesting The Ancient Magus’s Bride anime because of review from this blog…

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