Okay so I’ve been really busy with university so I haven’t had as much time for anime, and I only started watching a few years ago so I have a lot of the “basics” to catch up on. Here is 5 I will watch in 2017

1. D. Gray Man

I have watched the first arc or so of this anime and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I just got distracted with life and never picked it back up again. It is very popular and I see a lot about it on tumblr. However it is a lot of time to dedicate to one show, so I may watch it alongside something else.

2. Soul Eater

This is another “started watching but got distracted” anime. Honestly I love this anime especially Crona! I have about 20 episodes left so I need to get back and finish it soon. I would recommend this anime , it is a bit longer than some being over 50 episodes I think but it is worth it. I also really love the art style it feels unique 

3. Steins Gate

I haven’t actually heard that much about this anime but it has been on Netflix for a very long time and even had its own games, it sounds amazing and beautiful to watch and I honestly can’t wait 

4. Parasyte

I have wanted to watch this for a while now. I love stories like this : about someone not quite human (like Tokyo ghoul , blue exorcist and attack on Titan) so I feel like this could become one of my favorites 

5. One piece 

I know that this is a very long running anime so will take a while to watch but I have seen the first few episodes and enjoyed it and it’s my girlfriends favourite anime and means a lot to her so I’d like to give it a go ! I managed to watch naruto so how hard can it be? Plus pirates are cooler than ninjas.